Group Tickets

Track how your group is doing

Start a group and buy tickets together- invite your friends to a group and get express entry, a professional photo shoot at the fest, and more! All groups are tracked here and displays who's leading.

Are there more than 10 in your group? Book together and get 5-10%

Just start and name your group here, invite your friends, and unlock rewards including up to 10% off your tickets!

General admission$60-107pp$65-119
  • Save 5% ($5-8 per ticket) when coming as a crew
  • Expedited entry (no lineup)
  • Official Group Photo
  • Save 10% ($10-20 per ticket) when coming as a crew.
  • Expedited entry (no lineup)
  • Official Group Photo
  • 10% off merchandise
  • 2 free drinks tickets each
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How it works
  • Buy your group ticket here
  • Invite your friends
  • Get rewards back on your payment method

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